visual effects

Richard Fallat

professional services

  • Supervisor and Lead
  • Look Development
  • Texture Painting
  • Lighting
  • Sculpting
  • Hair Grooming
  • Compositing

demo reel of select vfx work


All content in this video is intended for show reel purposes only.

  • Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters – © Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
  • The Cabin in the Woods – © Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, © AFX Studios
  • Green Lantern – © Warner Bros Pictures
  • Knight and Day – © Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
  • The Amazing Spiderman – © Columbia Pictures
  • Land of the Lost – © Universal Pictures
  • Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor – © Universal Pictures
  • Marmaduke – © Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
  • Evan Almighty – © Universal Pictures
  • MUSIC: Gotham’s Reckoning by Hans Zimmer
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current position

Senior Prelighting Technical Director at Rhythm & Hues Studios.

what i’ve been doing for the last year or so

  • Look Development, Grooming, Lighting, Supervising for “X-Men: Days of Future’s Past”
  • Various internal projects, software, and workflow development
  • Visual Effects artist for “Tammy”

 x men beast days of future past poster



wondering what i did for those shots?

Texture Painting

sinestro toma-re and buildings{split}evil sinestrotoma-re, screen left slugapros (orange jellyfish)labcoat 1antenna 11antenna 1

Look Development and Grooming

Lighting and/or Compositing

i was privileged enough to work on  these films

Click links for individual film descriptions, video breakdowns, and asset turntables.

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