percy jackson: sea of monsters trailer

Finally, marketing for Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters begins. It’s a nice little morale boost to see the stuff we’ve been working on over the last year released to the public. I textured and developed the look of the six-armed … Continue reading

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amazing spiderman visual effects breakdown

Finally got around to cutting together some select shots that I contributed to in the film “The Amazing Spiderman”.

For this show, I textured many buildings in a digital recreation of 6th Avenue New York City, painted, sculpted, and frayed the Lizard’s labcoat in a cool bullet ridden sequence, and covered every inch of hero radio tower with detail.

I also helped develop the look for a lizard transformation at the end of the movie, an environment that cut with plate photography, as well as many other digital characters and set pieces.

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Green Lantern Porcelain Busts


Got these cool limited edition porcelain busts of the two main characters I texture painted in the Green Lantern movie.

The sculpting is very good and the hand-painting is very nice. Could use some more detail, but just being picky since I painted them already.

I especially like the ring base the busts stand on. Got a great deal at the Warned Bros website on Black Friday. $20 on sale from $84!

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Fantasy Football PPR Cheat Sheet 2012

  With football season just around the corner, I finally compiled a top 200 list of PPR players.  Will be participating in two PPR league so I wanted to create a cheat sheet with some of  the players I believe … Continue reading

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building new york city in the amazing spiderman

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A large bulk of time in the front end of post-production on the Amazing Spiderman was spent creating a digital 6th Avenue New York, New York that Spiderman would swing through during the final climax. I probably texture painted about … Continue reading

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fireworks from baldwin hills scenic overlook

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  We decided to view the local fireworks from a small mountain in Culver City popularly known as the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook.  It was great because with a 360 view, we were able to view multiple fireworks displays from … Continue reading

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aruba highlight video

Took a stab editing together small clips from our Aruba trip in an interesting way. Used Premiere for editing and grading and After Effects for stabilization. I was pleasantly surprised with how much footage salvation was possible through stabilization in After … Continue reading

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sony hx750 picture settings

As stated in a hx750 review, I believe Sony spent effort calibrating the picture for 3D viewing, especially in darker tones.  By default there is a magenta/blue cast in the darks, so I changed the settings for the Standard picture … Continue reading

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prometheus review

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  9.5/10 Explores man’s greatest question…How did we get here? Many have the opinion that life on Earth began in one of two ways.  We were created by a divine intelligence, or life was planted here by an alien life … Continue reading

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palm beach aruba photography

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Retro beach shoot on the sands of Aruba On our trip to Aruba, I was granted the chance to put my Canon 60D through the ringer.  Probably the best learning lesson I’ve had thus far.  One of the planned events … Continue reading

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