control computer with hand gestures

iOS control without smudging the screen

Saw this cool piece of technology that allows you to control your Mac with iOS like gestures and never touch the screen.  Very much like the kinect, but way cooler because it’s able to track your individual finger movements (or chopsticks if you prefer).

This totally reminds me of the film “Minority Report”, when Tom Cruise’s character was interacting with those holographic computers.  He used swiping hand gestures, and various buttons and knobs snapped to his fingertips for added control functions.  Imagine the possibilities.

This tech still seems to be in it’s infancy and the website is a bit general, but it’s a clear glimpse into the future of the way we’ll control our media boxes.  The Leap is on pre-order now, but I’ll wait to see some reviews before sinking $70 into the first prototype.


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