new spiderman trailer drops

packed with tons of new footage

Check out the latest “The Amazing Spiderman” trailer.  Some of my texture painting and lookdev work is in there.

Overall, I think it was a pretty exciting trailer.  Well paced, and they incorporated some interesting edits with the strobing effects.  Makes me wonder if they are trying to hide the Lizard, but in this day and age of high res trailers, wouldn’t do them much good.  Really liked the time manipulation of the downward rain shot.  It did seem very similar to the last trailer in certain aspects, especially the end.

The reviews from fans seem positive overall.  Of course, there are your typical hard-core fans who will find something to complain about no matter what.  I always find it entertaining to read through the comic book website comment sections.  There is a real war going on between the DC and Marvel fans.  Wouldn’t know much about it though, I was too busy playing sports and running around outside as a kid.

I wonder how this will play being sandwiched in between “The Avengers” and “The Dark Knight Rises” with a smattering of “Prometheus.”  It will be tough to live up to the numbers of the previous trilogy, that’s for sure.

“The Amazing Spiderman” Releases on July 3rd, 2012.

the amazing spiderman logo



here’s some of the stuff i worked on for the trailer

The most featured assets I worked on in the trailer were texture painted.  The labcoat (split), radio antenna, bulding, and more.  There were a couple of lookdev assets as well, but not really featured.  I will have more to show when the movie comes out.


labcoat 1

labcoat 2grenadesblue buildingmechanical arms

antenna 8antenna 7antenna 6antenna 5antenna 4antenna 3antenna 11antenna 1

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