sony hx750 picture settings

As stated in a hx750 review, I believe Sony spent effort calibrating the picture for 3D viewing, especially in darker tones.  By default there is a magenta/blue cast in the darks, so I changed the settings for the Standard picture mode to attempt and reduce this effect.  Also, added a bit of punch and contrast to the picture.

Please note that these are subjective values, and do not look perfect in every viewing scenario.  I find these adjustments are significant improvements over the factory defaults.  You may want to try them in your Custom mode and switch back and forth if the image gets a little too green for your taste.

I personally can’t stand Motion Flow and/or Cinema Flow because it’s a bit hacky and makes the image look like a soap opera.  But if you enjoy the look, by all means leave it on, that’s why they put it there (however I believe these settings need to be left on while in 3D mode).

Picture Adjustments

This menu can be accessed by pushing the ‘options’ button on the remote control (I believe this will only control settings for the currently set input).

Picture Mode Standard or Custom

Back light Max

Picture Max

Brightness 50

Color 56

Hue 0

Sharpness 65

Noise Reduction Auto

MPEG Noise Reduction Auto

Dot Noise Reduction Auto

Motion Flow Off

Cinemotion Off

Advanced Settings

Black Corrector High

Adv. Contrast Enhancer High

Gamma -2

Auto Light Limiter Medium

Clear White High

Live Color Off

White Balance

R-Gain -2

G-Gain 0

B-Gain -2

R-Bias -2

G-Bias 0

B-Bias -4

Detail Enhance Medium

Edge Enhancer Medium


Let me know if these settings are helpful or if you have any questions.




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