spiderman featurette with lizard footage

It speaks

In this featurette, we get a few glimpses of the Lizard speaking.  It’s hard to say if the talking cgi creature is successful with these short clips, but the voice isn’t very menacing at this point.  Sounds like a human attempting to make a scary monster voice.  Let’s hope they add something a little more grizzly lizard/dinosaur/lion?

Dr. Connors and Peter Parker

It looks like a good chunk of the movie may be spent developing the relationship between Dr. Connors (Rhys Ifans) and Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield).  The relationship between Parker and the villains were present in the Raimi films, but seemed a bit artificial.  If “500 Days of Summer” tells us anything about director Marc Webb’s style, it’s that he can develop character relationships beautifully.  Maybe we will have a larger investment when Dr.  Connors turns to the dark side.


“The Amazing Spiderman” Releases on July 3rd, 2012.

the amazing spiderman logo


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