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percy jackson: sea of monsters

percy jackson sea of monsters poster

 Senior Prelighting TD | Lighting | Texture Painting

During a very turbulent time in the both the visual effects industry, and our company Rhythm & Hues Studios, artists forged ahead on “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters”.

I texture painted and shaded the most complex character we had in-house, a bronze bull, consisting of over 250 material groups and thousands of texture maps. Also, was a lighting TD on the most difficult one-off shot during the sequence.

On top of that, I textured and prelit some talking snakes, a 6 armed barista, and established the initial texture pass for a giant charybdis inner stomach environment

©Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

  • Danny Lebica

    Dear Rich

    My name is Daniel Lebica, i’m
    Linda’s and Lue’s nephew. They showed me your demo reel when they
    visited last week and I’ve got to say … I’m impressed. I don’t
    know how many times I’ve seen the trailer where Spider Man almost
    gets crushed by a radio tower. Texture artists and compositers have
    always had my respect. You guys make our jobs easier. I’m an amateur
    3D modeler who’s done a little bit of compositing. So I’ve learned to
    always give compositers a break whenever I work with them. And some
    coffee as well.

    Anyway, I just wanted to introduce
    myself and ask if you had any tips or know of any good tutorials for
    someone in my shoes.

    Take care.


    • Rich Fallat

      Hey Danny, good to hear from you!  What’s your main area of focus, modeling?  If you ever have any questions, let me know, happy to help.  Did you get my contact info?

  • David

    Hello rich, my name is David, i just came across your website while looking for some Visual Effects portfolios and i just wanted to say you have done some AMAZING work. I am currently an Art student enrolled at an Ai campus i wanted to know if you had any advice for a student trying to head into the Film industry doing visual effects ? Any advice would be useful i am sort of in a knot and don’t really know how i can better prepare myself.